Vaccinations Are Important; Should Trust Be Compulsory?

Yesterday I was lambasted on reddit for asking questions about compulsory vaccines. My main concerns are quality control.

My children are fully vaccinated, and despite this, developed whooping cough. It was awful. The outbreak is being blamed on backwards parents who don’t vaccinate, despite research and my own experiences pointing towards ineffective vaccines, as well as the cyclical nature of the disease.

I strongly believe that parents should be able to make an informed choice about vaccination, and this is a large part of quality control. I believe companies manufacturing vaccinations should have to demonstrate that new vaccines are effective, are produced using the least amount of unnecessary ingredients possible (such as heavy metals), are in-date, are stored properly and especially; that they will not increase the rate of infection.

I am concerned that if demand is compulsory, industries will not be held to such tight scrutiny. Currently parents are able to say; ‘I want to see that it works, and that unnecessary risks are minimized.’ When this is demonstrated, parents overwhelmingly choose to vaccinate.

I believe education about the importance of vaccination should be compulsory

I am concerned that compulsory vaccination will marginalize the large chunk of society who legitimately do not trust government or big industry…causing them to home school to avoid vaccination. This presents a risk of increasing the rate of non vaccinators, who are currently only a small group in our society.

I am concerned about corruption. Should compulsory vaccinations go world wide, who is going to ensure that third world children have vaccinations which are in-date and properly stored? Who is going to ensure they aren’t given vaccinations with known adverse side effects? The oral polio vaccination is not used in North America as it has been known to cause paralysis, yet it is used in India, where children are being paralyzed after receiving the vaccination, an interesting correlation. If it’s not good enough for American children, why is it good enough for Indian children? The oral vaccination is cheap.

I am deeply concerned that a person who is pro vaccination cannot have a discussion on these matters without being vilified.

I am deeply concerned about the manufacturing of consent I have witnessed on reddit regards compulsory vaccination. There has been an ongoing campaign to obfuscate people’s legitimate concern, setting up anyone with questions as the enemy. There has been a huge amount of attention paid to debunked autism claims, and no discussion permitted outside this spectrum.

Anyone who has questions is vilified as a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that we have long since passed the point of theory; yes we really are being spied on. All the money really has been stolen and hidden. The people with the money really do control our governments and trade acts. They really do have a globalized, militarized police force at their disposal. We really are in deep shit. We know this now.

We should be able to talk about vaccines without being labelled as conspiracy theorists.

I do not believe trust should ever be unconditional when dealing with profits based industries nor the governments who facilitate them, especially as we are living in one of the most corrupt times in history. Trust is earned.

I believe people should vaccinate where vaccination is proven to be safe and effective.

I believe people should be educated.

I am not an expert and so I am not in a position to empirically demonstrate the legitimacy of my questions. I am only asking questions.

I believe citizens should always be able to ask questions.